Love Ponte Vedra, but Hate what Politics and Neglect have done to our Beach?
Us to!
However, local politicians have the power to fund and restore our beach.  If we continue to elect politicians who take tax dollars generated in Ponte Vedra and spend them elsewhere, then PV’s beach and its tax base will ultimately disappear.
Did you know 2022 is a huge election year in local politics for us?  It will have a huge impact on Ponte Vedra for decades to come.  Since our PAC was founded in 2019, we have already had a major impact on the politics of St Johns County.   We must support the incumbents that invest in Ponte Vedra and fund the opposition of those who refuse to support our needs.
We have been working nonstop to advocate for our beaches.  Here is an update of some progress we have made and are actively working on:
Rebuilding PV’s Dune System Phase 1
Starting this summer we are thrilled that our long awaited berm project will begin.  It is expected that this FEMA project will involve trucking 400,000 cubic yards of sand to our nine miles of Ponte Vedra’s coastline. Sea Oats will then be planted to stabilize this defensive berm.  
Renourishing/ Widening PV’s Coastline Phase 2
The next step in the restoration of our coastline is the renourishment of PV’s beach.  This project is a sand dredging project from five miles offshore that will significantly widen PV’s shoreline and protect the dune structure that is being put into place.  Without a renourished beach, the new dune may not last as long.  
We have worked very hard for the past three years to get Phase 2 Renourishment permitted and our permits are expected to be in hand this year!  This is very exciting, but Phase 2 Renourishment will only happen with funding from our bed tax dollars. 
Federal Project with Army Corp of Engineers Phase 3
We were one of only eight projects in the entire United States selected for the USACE’s work plan for 2021, the only Coastal study, and the only project in the state of Florida – chosen out of thousands considered for a federal project study by the Army Corps of Engineers.  This could ensure that our beaches are taken care of for the next 50 years like Fernandina Beach, Jacksonville Beach, St. Augustine Beach, Flagler Beach and most recently Vilano Beach…..essentially every other beach around us. This study will take place during the next 3 years.
Ponte Vedra finally has a Political Action Committee that is working daily to protect Ponte Vedra’s interest.  Let’s face it… as an unincorporated community, no one has been dedicated to looking out for us. The result has been massive destruction of our beach over decades.
We as a community must do our part to protect our interests: we ask you to give to Ponte Vedra’s new PAC – Friends of Ponte Vedra to support PVB.  To build and maintain our clout on an ongoing basis, please consider giving now.  Your commitment to our PAC ultimately makes a huge difference to our community.  
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